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Latest News: April 2023

After nearly 2 years of waiting our USA container has finally arrived! We have already begun shipping out many back- orders to our customers. Please contact us for availability BEFORE placing an order online as we are already limited on some models. Our next container is already under construction and hope to see it within a couple of months. Thank you for your patience.



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50% Pitts Challenger III

The Pitts Biplane is probably one of the most popular and easily recognizable biplane designs of all aerobatic airplanes. The Pitts Special was originally designed in 1944 and has seen many design modifications and changessince then.

Wing Span:         110”

*Engine:              170-220cc

Length:                103”

Stab Span:          44.7”

PRICE: $2500.00

Piper PA-25 Pawnee

The real Piper Pawnee was manufactured between 1959 through 1982. Widely used in agriculture spraying and as a tow plane or tug for launching gliders or for towing banners. Bill Hempel’s Team Edge now offers 2 size models designed around the PA-25 version. 

25%:This smaller Pawnee has a big wing span of 108” and is designed for engines ranging in size from 30cc to 50cc.The Pawnee has pocket hinging on both the ailerons and flaps with standard type hinging on the elevator and rudder. Functional Stainless Steel landing gear will provide great landings with its spring suspension system. Weight estimated at 14-16 pounds.

Price: $625.00 plus $130.00 flat fee shipping (lower 48 States) Color: White/Red/Black

46%:This airplane has a huge wing span of 198” (16.5’) and a fuselage length of 130”. The Pawnee will accept motors ranging from 150cc through 275cc. One of the unique designs of this model is its 2-piece fuselage! The fuselage can be separated with the internal bolts that hold the front and rear half’s together. This airplane also has a provision for a tow release built into the rear turtle deck. This all plywood and balsa construction come in at a light weight between 65-75 pounds.

Price: $2,495.00 plus $400.00 shipping (lower 48 States) Color: White/Red/Blue

Super Cub

The Super Cub, also known as a PA-18 is basically a Cub that has been put on steroids! More horse power and the addition of flaps and bigger fuel tanks made the Super Cub a great airplane with a wide range of capabilities from cross country machines, glider tow, banner tow and STOL airplanes, agriculture and more. Now we offer this RC ARF in 2 different sizes and schemes, 40% and 60% scale.

Download Cub Manual

40% Scale


60% Scale


L-4 Grasshopper

3 Sizes, 25%, 40%, and 60%

The Grasshopper is one of the easiest War-Bird you could ever fly as an RC model! Now we have (3) sizes for you to choose from, 25% (30cc-50cc), 40% (100cc-120cc) and the monster 60% designed specifically for the 3W-275.

This is the military version of the popular J-3 Cub. The color scheme is and actual scheme of a real war bird. This L-4 has all the rear glass just like the real version. The popular Green and Grey scheme will make this airplane look great on any day of flying. Take this airplane to your favorite war bird fly-in or just have fun with your friends. With the fully functional scale gear, takeoffs and landings are very easy.

Download Cub Manual

65% DR-1 Triplane

Welcome to the LARGEST WWI ARF in the world: the 65% DR-1. This monster ARF has a top wing span of 16’. This custom ordered ARF can be built to your specification with the choice of several different schemes. Built in typical ARF form, this large plywood and balsa wood model is actually very light and strong for its size. The top wing comes in (3) sections with the center section assembled to the fuselage after initial assembly, then you will have (2) outer panels for your top, middle and lower wings.

Wing Span:     192” (16’ top wing)

Length:            162” (13.5’)

Weight:           120 pounds with 546cc 3W motor

Engine:            275cc or larger

Covering:        Ultracote

Wheels:           20” Diameter bicycle type

The J-3 Clipped Wing Cub

The real Piper J-3 Cub is a small, simple, light aircraft that was built between 1937 and 1947 by Piper Aircraft. The Clipped Wing Cub was a standard Cub that had its wing shortened for a faster roll rate and better aerobatic abilities. The full scale Cub had a wing span of 37 feet; a clipped wing Cub’s wing were shortened to a span of either 28 feet or 30 feet.

We now offer the Clipped Wing Cub ARF in 4 different sizes25%, 40%, 50% and 60%scale.

Click the ‘Read More’ button's below to make your selection of the proper size Clipped Wing Cub for you.

Download Cub Manual

25% Scale


40% Scale


50% Scale


60% Scale


50% KA-6 Glider

This is the monster of them all! The 7.5 meter (295”) 24.5 feet, WOW! This new glider has got to be the biggest Glider ARF on the market! The KA-6 comes fully painted and covered and ready for radio installation. The airplane is finished in 2 schemes: all White or Red/White color scheme. Custom schemes can be ordered. The airplane has a built up wing with (4) C/F wing tubes that disassembles into (4) separate wing panels to make transportation simple. The wing also includes (2) spoilers, these spoilers are high quality made from aluminum and manufactured in Germany. This makes descending a snap without the build-up of excessive speeds. The airplane comes with the 8” wheel and all control surfaces pre-installed. No glue required, simply install your equipment and go fly! <Pilot not included>

Price $1,850.00

Super Decathlon

Bill Hempel’sSuper Decathlon is a great performing scale aerobatic airplane no matter which size you choose! With a fully symmetrical airfoil, unlimited aerobatics can be performed easily. All sizes come with pocket-style ailerons already installed. Tinted molded windows look great and are easy to install. Full hardware kits include wheels, control arms, titanium pro links and hinges. Check out our NEW 25% Xtreme Decathlon with C/F gear and clipped 92.2” clipped wing. This one will be a fantastic performing plane! Order now before they are gone!

25% Decathlon is designed for a 30cc to 50cc motor. 
25% Xtreme Decathlon is a clipped wing version with c/f gear, 30cc to 50cc size.(NEW)

38% Decathlon is designed for the 100cc-120cc engine. 
56% Decathlon is designed specifically for the 3W-275.

Click to read more information and specifications on these 4 great airplanes.

Build ThreadHERE!

50% Edge 540. Version II

Well, the Edge 540 has undergone an extensive change. The ‘version II’ has been totally redesigned with performance the #1 goal in mind. The fuselage and wings have been redesigned and look very scale, counter balances both on wing and stab the norm now. Carbon landing gear, spinner and wheel pants, and a full hardware pack including push rods, control arms will all be standard equipment! Super lightweight construction will insure the best possible power to weight for this class airplane. 


Build thread

NEW30cc Edge 540.$369.00


Extra 260

One of the best R/C aerobatic airplanes in history has been the Extra 260. Many TOC competitors and National Champions have chosen the Extra 260 over the newer designed Extra’s, Yaks and Edge’s because of the level of preciseness this design offers. Here is your chance to own a Bill Hempel’s version of this legendary design. These models are offered in 4 different sizes ranging from 100cc all the way up to 420cc airframes. This ARF includes a full hardware package including wheels, control arms, push rods, and a lot of C/F parts like C/F wing and stab tube, C/F tail wheel and C/F spinner. These models are very light weight, strong and straight. Choose your size below and order today.

NEW 30cc           



50% (275cc)          

60% (342cc+)        

Extra 260

57% Extra 300L

Another great addition to our lineup of LARGE ARF’s is the 57% Extra 300L. This 300L has been designed specifically for the ZDZ-420cc motor. With a wing span of 15 feet this is really a huge airplane. Hollow core foam wings, C/F wing tube and super lightweight construction makes this airplane a real performer! Pre-purchase is required with a $500.00 deposit. Custom scheme choices available! Need more information? Send me an email!

Engine: ZDZ-420

Wing Span: 15’ (180”)

Length: 12.91’ (155”)

Weight: 108lbs. with canisters

Price $3,200.00

The Yak 55M

This IMAC/Freestyle airplane is a ‘must have’ if you are serious about your competitions and want the latest designed airplane to help you win! The Yak 55 has a slightly shorter wing span than other non-Yak planes but this will help increase your roll rate and snaps. The long tail moment will have this plane flying like it is on rails, there is really nothing better than this Yak 55M. All planes include a hardware package, C/F landing gear/wing/stab tubes/ and now a new C/F tail wheel. I have designed this airplane to be the best of the best! Offered in (4) sizes;

50cc:83” wing span$600.00
Flying weight 17.5 pounds

100cc:100cc-120cc 103” Wing span$950.00
Flying weight 26.5 pounds
Build thread

150cc:118” wing span$1400.00
Flying weight of 34.3 pounds!WOW
Build thread

275cc:141” wing span$2495.00
Flying weight 63 pounds

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Home of theWorld’s Largest ARF’s.

Bill Hempel

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