Don’t have the room for a 50% or larger airplane? Here is your chance to have the same plane but in a smaller version! The 40% Clipped Wing Cub has a massive wing span of 12 feet (144”). This Cub has been design to use the very popular 100cc class motor. As like all of the BH Series airplanes this 40% Cub is covered in UltraCote covering for a very nice, clean, wrinkle-free finish. Another benefit is this plane comes in under the 55-pound weight limit and will not require a waiver to fly.








Clipped Wing: The plane that started the 50% rush! The Cub has been the most recognizable civilian airplane in the world. The BH Series 50% Clipped Wing Cub is designed for all of you out there that want to get back to the type of flying that was just pure fun! Why a clipped wing? The real clipped wing Cub was designed to improve the aerobatic capabilities, the same holds true for the RC version. Using a 150cc motor, the 50% Clipped wing is capable of performing rolls, loops, inverted flight and snap rolls. With a larger engine (210cc) you will be able to obtain unlimited vertical performance and even torque roll. Regardless of the engine choice, the 50% Clipped Wing Cub will offer you the most fun you have had flying RC’s anywhere, guaranteed to make you smile while flying. The huge 15 foot wing span will have you taking off in less than 15 feet and landing at a super slow pace, add a little wind and the real fun starts. This is truly a magnificent flying airplane.

50% STANDARD WING CUB: The standard wing Cub is simply the same airplane as above but offers 3 more feet of wing. This standard wing version is only offered in the classic Cub scheme; all yellow with a lightning bolt down the side of the fuselage.



$2495.00 -Clipped Wing
$2695.00 -Standard Wing (Yellow Only)



60% Specs

What can I say? The 60% Cub was designed to be the biggest ARF in the world and still be legal to fly through the AMA experimental category. This monster of an airplane has been known to have spectators fall to the ground in astonishment! The 18 foot wingspan on this clipped wing Cub is HUGE! Designed to fly with the 3W-275 engine and a 37”x 13” propeller, the performance will impress any RC pilot while it performs all of the aerobatics you can think of. Takeoffs in as little as 15 feet are easily performed. Built for aerobatics, this 60% airplane has been designed specifically to be strong and fun. Covered in UltraCote, this plane will look great from the first flight to the 1000th flight!