30cc-50cc Clipped Wing Cub

¼ Scale 90" Wing Span

The new Bill Hempel’s 50cc Clipped Wing Cub is complete and is a FANTASTIC performer. Here are the specifications on this new airplane. Our first shipment of airplanes should be arriving in April of 2011, order now to reserve yours!

Price is only $550.00. In-Stock

50cc Clipped Wing Cub

Scale:                   25%

Wing Span:           90.0”

Stab Span:            29.5”

Height:                 22.0”

Wing Area:           1400 square inches (approximately)

Engine size:          30-50cc

Flying Weight:      15.5 pounds

ARF Features:

  • Carbon Fiber wing tube
  • Functional wing struts
  • Functional ‘scale’ landing gear
  • Light weight wheels and tail wheel
    (CUB wheels covers will be standard on all production airplanes)
  • Fiberglass painted cowling
  • Molded tinted windows
  • Pocket hinging on ailerons
  • Right side opening door and top window

This 25% scale Clipped Wing Cub is sold as an ARF and can be ready to fly in just a few days’ work. This airplane is covered in Oracover for a bright clean finish that really shines! Removable 2-piece wing makes transportation easy and the wing struts can be folded down with the removal of a 2 screws. This is plywood and balsa constructed model with a flying weight of15.5 with a 50cc motor. Outstanding performance is easily achievable.

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