Bill Hempel's Team Edge!

Team Edge


I offer customized instruction for individuals, groups or clubs.

This will include basic aircraft set-up, maneuver familiarization, reading arresti, practicing the routine and the “how to” of aerobatic competition. I can greatly increase your ability to perform better maneuvers and score higher with the judges.

As a four-time US National Champion I have the ability to help you win!

Instruction is $300.00 a day plus travel expenses.

International travel $400.00 a day plus travel expenses.

Test Flights:

Do you have the plane of your dreams and are too nervous to test fly it?

I will go through your plane and verify your set up. I will perform a saftey inspection and test fly your aircraft. I will trim the model out for perfect flight and adjust ATV´s and control throws for your syle of flying I will also give you recomendations on how to takeoff and land your plane. Flight test and set up fees:

Under 80" wing span: $40.00

81"-100" wing span: $60.00

Over 100" Wing span: $100.00

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