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Piper PA-25 Pawnee

Designed by Bill Hempel

46% Piper PA-25 Pawnee

The real Piper Pawnee was manufactured between 1959 through 1982. Widely used in agriculture spraying and as a tow plane or tug for launching gliders or for towing banners. This Bill Hempel model is designed around the PA-25 version. This airplane has a huge wing span of 198” (16.5’) and a fuselage length of 130” (10.8’). The Pawnee will accept motors ranging from 150cc through 275cc. One of the unique designs of this model is its (2) piece fuselage! The fuselage can be separated with the internal bolts that hold the front and rear half’s together. This airplane also has a provision for a tow release built into the rear turtle deck.


Wing Span:  198”
Fuselage length: 130”
Weight: 70-85 pounds

C/F wing and stab tubes

Stainless Steel landing gear with suspension springs

2 Piece fuselage

Tow release provision

Hardware pack to include: Wheels, axles, control arms, titanium or C/F pushrods, Ball links, HD-pull/pull ruder system,  hinges, nuts, bolts etc


Ailerons: 6 800oz. of torque per aileron
Elevator: 4 400oz. per elevator
Flap: 4 400oz. per flap
Rudder: 2-4 600oz.
Throttle: 1 as required
Choke: 1 as required
Total: 16-20 servos


Shipping: $400.00 to lower 48 states

International shipping please contact here.


25% Piper PA-25 Pawnee

This smaller Pawnee has a big wing span of 108” and is designed for engines ranging in size from 30cc to 50cc.The 25% Pawnee has pocket hinging for the ailerons and flaps with standard type hinging on the elevator and rudder. Functional Stainless Steel landing gear will provide great landings with its spring suspension system. A great looking scale Pawnee which will be a ball of fun to fly.


·  1-piece aluminum blade spare

·  Functional wing struts

·  Functional ‘scale’ landing gear with suspension

·  Lightweight aluminum wheels and wire tail wheel

·  Fiberglass painted cowling

·  Molded tinted cabin cockpit

·  Pocket hinging on ailerons and flaps

·  Removable canopy hatch

·  Complete hardware kit including pro-links, control arms, and more!

Download Instructions Manual


Ailerons: 2-70oz. of torque per aileron
Elevator: 2-70oz. per elevator
Flap: 270oz. per flap
Rudder: 1-80oz.
Throttle: 1 as required
Choke: 1 as required


Shipping: $125.00 to lower 48 states

International shipping please contact here.


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