Bill Hempel's Team Edge!

Team Edge

The Bill Hempel's Yak 55

Love Yaks, but want something different? This is it!!! The new Yak 55M promises to turn heads anywhere it goes, both on the ground and in the air!!

NEW: Now comes complete with a full hardware package to include the pull/pull rudder system, ball links, pushrods, control arms and more!

This IMAC/Freestyle airplane is a ‘must have’ if you are serious about your competitions and want the latest designed airplane to help you win! The Yak 55 has a slightly shorter wing span than other non-Yak planes but this will help increase your roll rate and snaps. The long tail moment will have this plane flying like it is on rails, there is really nothing better than this Yak 55M. All planes include a hardware package, C/F landing gear/wing/stab tubes/ and now a new C/F tail wheel. I have designed this airplane to be the best of the best! Offered in (4) sizes;

50cc YAK 55M
83” wing span


Flying weight 17.5 pounds

Shipping: $125.00 to lower 48 states

100cc YAK 55M
103” wing span


Flying weight 26.5 pounds (blue/white/red)
Build thread

Shipping: $150.00 to lower 48 states

170cc YAK 55M
118” wing span


Flying weight of 34.3 pounds!
Build thread

Shipping: $200.00 to lower 48 states

275cc: YAK 55M
141” wing span


Shipping: $300.00 to lower 48 states

Flying weight 63 pounds



Min. Torque Per Servo:

278 oz for aileron
192 oz for elevator

Standard for throttle


3W-275 (Recomended)
37x13 BH Series Prop

International shipping please contact here.

Download Manual here.

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